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Modus is an industry-leading brand that specializes in developing high-quality alternative products. Headquartered in California, the brand has established itself as a reliable source of premium mushroom-based products, including mushroom gummies and disposable vapes.
Modus is back with the 2nd generation of the Upper Cut cartridges and disposables! The upgrades from the 1st generation include Cannabis Derived Terpenes, new hand selected strains, 3 gram upgraded disposable vapes and new child resistant packaging. We went the extra mile to create Modus Upper Cut cartridges and disposables to ensure the specially crafted blend of cannabinoids are chosen for their synergistic effects. At Modus, we’re on a mission to make the most distinct, powerful, and user-friendly hemp products. This goal drives everything we do, and our Upper Cut devices exemplify this.

Modus Upper Cut disposable vaporizers are pre-filled and pre-charged. They’re ready for use the second you take them out of the pack. These devices are not refillable, however they are rechargeable so you can keep on vaping through the massive upgraded 3 grams of hemp derived concentration.